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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my credit be repaired?

It is your right and responsibility to assure the accuracy of the items on your credit reports. If information recorded on your credit reports does not accurately represent your behavior as a consumer, then you have the right to request that questionable information be removed from your reports. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FFCRA), Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) afford you the legal right to dispute inaccurate items on your credit reports with the credit bureaus and your individual creditors. The most popular method for restoring bad credit is the credit bureau dispute. Because of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to dispute and delete any items on your credit report that you feel are inaccurate, untimely, misleading, biased, incomplete or unverified.When you dispute a questionable negative credit item with the credit bureaus, you are demanding that they perform an investigation to determine whether or not the item should be listed on your credit reports. If the credit bureau cannot verify the accuracy of the item, then they are required to correct the listing or completely delete it from your credit report. Another facet of credit repair is to work with your creditors to remove the negative items from your credit reports. Your creditors have the ability to delete negative items from your credit reports at any time. With more cooperative creditors, sometimes all it takes is to ask the creditor to adjust or delete a negative credit listing. In situations where this non-confrontational approach is not sufficient, the various consumer protection acts provide you with tools for forcing creditors and collections agencies to prove the accuracy of the reported accounts. By using some or all of their legal rights to fair and accurate credit reporting, thousands of people have legally and successfully restored their credit and increased their credit score.

How does Electronic Credit Restoration help repair credit?

Electronic Credit Repair helps clients repair their credit by disputing the inaccurate, untimely, misleading, biased, incomplete or unverifiable negative items from their credit reports. Our service uses targeted automated disputes based upon the Fair Credit Reporting Act in an effort to delete the questionable negative information from your credit reports while incorporating strategies based on other consumer protection statutes. The FFCRA states that a creditor is required to complete over 300 steps prior to reporting information against any American consumer; therefore, we also work in concert with the Federal Trade Commission and Attorney General and are actively building cases against creditors that do not comply with the law. These statutes include the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act which gives you the right to request extensive information regarding billing and account history, the Truth in Lending Act which stipulates conditions for establishing credit accounts, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which defines your rights regarding accounts that have passed into collection status. By utilizing our state-of-the-art technology, we have increased the speed of the disputing process and are usually in the process of getting items removed when others are just getting started. This ability allows us to directly download your credit reports into our software and save you valuable time and effort in providing the information to us via mail or fax; making the whole process quick and easy. Once your enrolled, your reports are uploaded and the credit analysis has been performed, then our tenured staff of credit underwriters submit automated disputes based on violations of your rights under Federal Law. The automated process reduces the time that a creditor has to correct their errant reporting and exposes their mistakes to the credit bureaus. At the conclusion of the credit bureau's investigation, a new copy of your credit report should be sent to your home along with any deletions or improvements if any were made. Simply purchase and upload a new credit report and the system will automatically compare the improvements in scores, deletion of derogatory items, validated items and our staff will then consult you on the next steps if needed. After the first 45 day cycle, one has the option to purchase an additional 45 day dispute cycle for only $49. We will continue our hard work at verifying the information that is negatively impacting your score and takes steps to attack them until they are , hopefully, all removed. In order for a credit bureau to keep a disputed item on your report, they must have evidence that it is accurate, timely and verifiable. If the credit listing is only somewhat inaccurate, the credit bureau may simply change the item to reflect the accurate status. Very often, though, disputed credit items cannot be verified because the creditor no longer possesses the information or does not wish to go to the trouble of verifying it. In these cases, the listing should be removed. Additionally, the credit bureau reinvestigation must be completed within 30 days. Frequently the credit bureaus do not always meet this deadline and the listing must be removed. The major difference in our service is that the negative account can not be resold or re-reported, because it has been found to be a violation of the FCRA. . For these reasons, properly disputed questionable credit listings have been removed with remarkable frequency.

How long does it usually take to repair credit?

Any other Credit Repair Organization would be doing a disservice to their clients by promising a particular result or a certain time frame. Electronic Credit restoration Inc. can not promise results but can predict an outcome for your credit repair. We can also give you an idea as to how our clients have performed in the past, based on their individual situations. As is true in all legal matters, no two cases are the same and your experience may differ. Many clients who opt to use the our services and provide us immediate access to their credit reports have seen exhilarating progress within the first 45 days. We typically inform our clients that they can expect changes roughly every 30-45 days. However, the progress of your case will depend on your particular situation, the documentation that you provide, the nature of your case, and the level of credit bureau cooperation. It is important to remember that we cannot promise a particular result within a certain time frame since every case and credit report is different. Our promise is to provide you fast, effective, knowledgeable assistance in addressing your issues.

If I pay more will you do more?

Electronic Credit Restoration has one standard price for our revolutionary service. Unlike some agencies that offer pricing based on the amount of items that need to be disputed, we believe that every client deserves the best efforts to get them to their intended goal. We do not provide a lesser service for those who have wisely chosen not to pay for credit repair at an inflated cost. All ECR clients receive our full attention, maximum efforts and that is our passionate promise

Will deleted items reappear on my credit report?

The simple answer with Electronic Credit Restoration is, no. If one does business with a credit repair service that merely writes in letters of dispute, then a negative listing that was recently deleted may eventually be verified by the creditor. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that the credit bureau inform you before they re-report a previously deleted listing, so know your rights if you are writing in letters on your own or paying someone to do so. The FFCRA also makes it more difficult for credit bureaus to re-report listings, if the information was found to be a violation of your rights under consumer law. Because of these factors, it is fairly rare for listings to come back on once they've been deleted. At Electronic Credit Restoration, should a questionable credit item be verified at a later point in time, we will help you challenge the listing again if there are legitimate grounds to do so and not additional charge. That's how our deletion warranty works.

Does paying or settling a collection restore my credit?

One may think that this would be true; however, the credit scoring algorithm just doesn't work that way. When you pay an old debt, the negative credit listing is not removed or deleted. Once paid, it may appear on your credit report as a paid delinquency, charge off or collection for up to seven years after it has been paid or settled. Additionally, if the delinquency was more than 24 months old, paying it off can actually harm your scores, because it has now become of part of your overall credit scores. ALWAYS consult with a credit specialist BEFORE paying off old collection accounts. Unfortunately, if your goal is simply to repair your credit, merely paying off your debts won't get you there. You also need to work to re-establish new credit at the same time. Of course, paying your debts in a timely manner may prevent future problems with your credit report.

Do I need to see a copy of my credit report first?

The average consumer does not begin researching credit repair until after they have been denied credit. Most consumers are not even aware that negative listings are appearing on their credit report. Many firms charge for their initial consultation; however, at ECR your initial consultation is free provided that you have a copy of your credit reports with scores included. During this consultation, an ECRSrepresentative will also help you analyze your credit history and find out if credit repair is right for you. Once you enroll in our services, you will be able to log into your file and view your credit report. You will also be able to see that accounts that are being disputed and get a free credit analysis complete with suggestions for additional improvement. If at that time you decide you would like to enlist the help of Electronic Credit Restoration to dispute the questionable negative items in your credit reports, we can immediately get you started with the automated dispute process. Because of this, even if you have not yet seen your credit reports but feel that you know what negative items are being reported, we suggest that you contact our credit restoration professionals to receive your free, no-obligation, credit consultation.

Does your service come with a guarantee?

You will receive a free credit consultation in which you may have to purchase your credit reports. The costs that you pay to the third-party for your credit report is non-refundable. During this consultation, our representatives will also help you analyze your credit history and find out if credit repair is right for you (A $500 value at no cost to our clients). If at that time you decide you would like to enroll and dispute the questionable negative items in your credit reports, your automated disputes will immediately started once payment for the first 45 day cycle is received. Put the power of our revolutionary and proprietary software to work for you right now, with zero risk. If you have absolutely no changes to your credit report and no items deleted, then you will receive a refund less the cost of the credit report to the third party. You have everything to gain, nothing to lose, and we guarantee it. No one in our business can predict a specific outcome, but we can promise to do everything possible to maximize the probability of outstanding results.

Can I repair my own credit?

Yes. You have the legal right to work out your credit disputes with the credit agencies and credit grantors yourself. It is similar to your right as a citizen to represent yourself in court. Even though you have the right to act as your own Attorney, would it be the wisest decision or best use of your time to do so? Thousands of consumers; however, have turned to ECR to work on their behalf for the following reasons: 1). The dispute process is extremely time consuming and 2). The effort to gain the wealth of knowledge and experience that our professionals have at their disposal is a daunting task that most do not wish nor can they afford the time to do. In our experience, a typical consumer simply does not have the time to research and experiment with credit disputing methods in order to find the best course of action for their individual credit situation. Conversely, our staff has the knowledge and state-of-the-art technology already at hand to perform the service on your behalf. Our experience means you will see the highest possible return on your time and money as our efforts on your behalf will only utilize credit improvement strategies which have proven to be effective. Also consider the amount of time and follow-up required to coordinate disputes with all three credit reporting agencies and the creditors appearing on your credit report. When you begin the credit disputing process, you are initiating a dialogue with these entities. This dialogue requires you to properly respond to credit bureau and creditor communications in order to keep the credit repair process moving. To manage this process for our clients, we have systemized the credit repair process in order to make it easy, fast, and effective

When do I get updates on my credit?

Once you enroll into our program, you are given a Login/User ID and Password that gives you 24/7 access to your file for the status within the particular cycle. Additionally, as we work to improve your credit, the credit bureaus will send updated copies of your credit reports directly to your home. So, when you have items removed or improved, you will see them first on your subsequent credit report. You will receive regular updates from us via e-mail on the progress of your disputes. Finally, ordering a new credit report at the end of your cycle will automatically upload the new report into the system and compare the changes. It will also generate a new/updated credit analysis as well. At this time, we will give you an additional consultation to make sure that you have maximized your opportunity for success. If you still have questions that were not answered, please do not hesitate to call us or to send us an e-mail. A credit consultant is readily available to answer your questions.

If there are delinquent questionable listings appearing on your credit reports that have not been paid off, the actual debt behind the account remains the same even if the account is deleted from your credit report. You may still owe the same money that you validly owed in the first place subject to your state's applicable statute of limitations. If you don't pay the debt, the creditor or a collection agency may re-report the listing. Removing a negative listing without addressing the debt is only a temporary solution. In fact, we will only dispute credit listings that you indicate are inaccurate, untimely, misleading, biased, incomplete or unverifiable. If you feel that a negative credit listing is 100% accurate, timely and verifiable, then do not dispute it.

Federal Trade Commission Complaints:

We are in the process of filing your complaint(s) to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)/Attorney General and/or State Attorney General and/or Individual/Group Attorneys that are actively building cases against these creditors.

What happens next?

The FTC is requested to contact the creditor(s) of the alleged violation informing them that they have documented proof of the violation requesting it be taken care of before action is brought against them. The Attorney General Office may contact you for more information. In some instances a private Attorney or Group may be building a case against the violating junk debt collection company. There has to be many documented instances against the company before class action can be taken.

How long will this take?

Our system builds violations daily of these violators and will continue to provide proof and documentation to the FTC and Private Attorneys seek resolution and restitution from these violators. This is no quick fix but the necessary step needed to resolve your problem of the creditor's violations of the law.

Can I get restitution from this?

If the company does not correct the problem the FTC can build a case against them for the violation. FTC does not act on a single case along, there has to be multiple violations for them to take legal action against them. The problem has been in documenting the data the FTC needs to hold these companies accountable. Our hope is that the more documented cases we provide to them the more inclined they will be to pursue a Federal cases. Violation penalties can be up to $2,500 for each violation.

What if I want to sue for the violations myself?

You can contact your own attorney to file suit against the documented violators in district court for damages and duress. Unfortunately the violations these junk collection companies violate are a Federal Statue and can only be address by the FTC. We will be glad to provide all the documents we have for you to build your own case against them to seek damages.

Should I dispute my account again even if filing complaint?

We believe that this is a good idea. The reason is that once the FTC contacts the creditor the creditor may decide to avoid confrontation and law suits knowing that the violation is documented and delete the account. In this case you need to have a dispute in place to take advantage of the situation requesting the removal at the same time.

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