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Credit Education

We provide the tools needed to help you target credit problems and guide you through the process of resolving them.

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First you must SignUp so we can evaluate your credit

  • We will then create your account
  • Counselor will then contact you to upload your credit report

The right approach and method are key factors. The credit software targets and disputes erroneous accounts reporting on your credit report. By using technology combined with an action plan we plan to resolve your credit issues.

Credit Action Plan

Once you have enrolled your counselor will provide you with a Credit Action Plan; detailed steps for you to follow. Remember it takes your actions as well to have success you must complete the plan!


If needed negotiation of collection accounts. Not all collections may need to be paid to obtain your necessary results.

Still not convinced? Read our Testimonials...

We did not realize how much we needed to learn. We are so grateful for the plan and knowledge you have given us. The Credit Action Plan and Budget werer the perfect tool's to keep us on track. We are now proud new Home Owners thanks to your guidance! To anybody needing help this is a GREAT Program! Highly recommend!

The Ferrells's, TX
  • Settlement

  • $279

    + if required
  • Negotiate Creditor Settlement (on verified accounts)
  • Settlement Savings Plan (reducing downpayment)
  • Settle Public Records (Tax Leins, Judgments, BK's)
  • Credit Report Not Included
  • $34.98 each Credit Report
  • Negotiation Support
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